By Catherine Duffy


Following the success of our recent talk ‘Cancer, Causation and the Courts’ with Consultant Oncologist Andrew Proctor and speakers Gordon Exall and Helen Rutherford, our series of talks showcasing medical experts continues.

  • Venue: Radisson Hotel, No.1 The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8TL                  
  • Cost: £25 each
  • Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm (Registration from 3:30pm)
  • CPD: 2 Hours

8th June 2017

“Anything & Everything you wanted to know about A & E but were afraid to ask” by Dr Pete Cutting, A & E Consultant, followed by Colin Richmond and Catherine Duffy

Dr Cutting will talk about common injuries seen in A & E, including facial injuries, upper and lower limb injuries; how head injuries are assessed and also the interpretation of A & E records. This talk will assist all P.I. practitioners and will be followed by a talk by Catherine Duffy and Colin Richmond on how this information can be practically applied in P.I. claims and how it can assist in the recovery of damages

22nd June 2017

“Going under – Anaesthesia and the Law” by Dr Dave Booth, Consultant Anaesthetist, followed by Ruwena Khan and Christopher Rafferty

Dr Booth will be speaking on operating theatre and risk management procedures and patient consent from a medical/anaesthetic perspective. This will be followed by a talk by Ruwena Khan and Chris Rafferty on Consent in Clinical Negligence Claims – the world post-Montgomery”

6th July 2017

“Constitutional Changes in the Spine and the impact on damages” by Mr Nigel Gummerson, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon followed by Vilma Vodanovic and Bronia Hartley

Mr Gummerson will talk primarily about degenerative disc disease and the natural history of the degenerative spine but also the lower energy injury to the spine (commonly seen arising from accidents at work) and how this may impact on the long term natural history, from both a purely medical and also medico-legal perspective.  This will be followed by a talk by Vilma and Bronia on how to deal with personal injury claims where the ongoing effects from degenerative changes overlap with those arising from the injury sustained in the accident and how best to maximise recoverable damages.

An invaluable series of talks for all PI practitioners giving an opportunity to seek advice directly from the medical experts.

If you would like to attend please contact-  Zenith Chambers Marketing Department (email:


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