Yesterday we held our annual personal injury update. For those who couldn’t make it (and for those who did) we thought we would do a history of the day in pictures.

Justin Crossley chaired the morning session. Apparently stating (more than once) that we had won Yorkshire Chambers of the Year.



Frances Lawley tweeted a picture of the view from the conference room

Peter Yates spoke on vicarious liability


Frances was clearly looking out of the window as inspiration for her talk on developments in road traffic liability

Moving on to Elliot Kay on fundamental dishonesty.  (Elliot go likened on twitter to Clark Kent which, apparently, has gone to his head. He now has to be kept away from phone boxes).


Colin Richmond spoke on “A Brief History of Costs” and Vilma Vodanovic updated us all on the CPR. (They certainly win the award for broadest smiles of the day).

Gordon Exall raised some questions about “Proportional Litigation”.

Then there was a quiz and a quiz means prizes (we didn’t say they were good prizes)

Kate McKinley had the job of throwing sweets (“in a non-negligent way”) at the winners of the prizes.

Bronia Hartley spoke on pitfalls.  Having heard about Elliot she told us she had been compared to Miranda Hart

Joanna Hastie  spoke on Part 36 and the Protocol

There are no photos of  Sabrina Hartshorn as she updated us on industrial disease, but she was there (honest)

Sabrina Hartshorn

Finally we had a session on fact finding and witness statements. Delegates took this really seriously (see the use of the highlighters)

And finally  (because it was mentioned more than once) here is evidence that we did, in fact, win Chambers of the Year award (some people obviously valued the champagne more than the prize).


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