An A-Z of Medical Terms

PI_Justin_Crossley By Justin Crossley

Long before today’s youth developed their own unrecognisable text speak the medical profession created its own glossary of abbreviations.  Such abbreviations often crop up when reading medical records or even in  medical reports. In an effort to assist, below is a list of commonly encountered abbreviations and some of the less common :

A&W alive and well bid or b/d twice daily (lat.bis in die)
A/O alert and orientated BAC blood alcohol concentration
AA affected area BC blood count
AB or abd abdominal BDC burn dressing change
ADL activities of daily living BE below elbow
ADR adverse drug reaction BHT blunt head trauma
AMA against medical advice BK below knee
AMI acute myocardial infarction BLE both lower extremities
AOB alcohol on breath BO(R) bowels open (regularly)
CF cardiac failure D & V diarrhoea and vomiting
CR closed reduction DH drug history
CU cause unknown DJD degenerative joint disease
FCCC fracture, complete, communited, compound Dx diagnosis
FOOSH fell on outstretched hand H history
FRJM full range of joint movement h/o history of
FDSG full fitness skin graft N & V nausea and vomiting
FXBB fracture of both bones N & W normal and well
m.a.s patient is disagreeable and uncooperative n/t numbness and tingling
MA mental age ned no evidence of disease
MM Muscles ner no evidence of recurrence
MVA motor vehicle accident
  1. o
by mouth
OD once daily
  1. r
per rectum
ORIF open reduction with internal fixation p/c presenting complaint
OTC over the counter (medicine) p/h past history
ROM range of motion (joint) pi present illness
T & C type and cross match PMH past medical  history
THR total hip regalement PNI peripheral nerve injury
TIA transient aschemic attack PNX pneumothorax
TKR total knee replacement POI post operative instructions
VOD vision right eye pp post partum
VOS vision left eye PVT previous trouble
VS vital signs SDH subdural haematoma
VSA vital signs absent UCHD usual childhood diseases
VSS vital signs stable URD upper respiratory disease
x/12 number of months URI upper respiratory infection
x/7 number of days WBT weight bearing  tolerance
  x/52 number of weeks

…….and now for some that are rather  less common.

If these don’t necessarily assist you in day to day practice, they may be useful during  a pub quiz.

AGA appropriate gestational age BBA born before arrival
BBS bashful bladder syndrome BSC bedside commode
BID brought in dead C-JF carotid-jugular-fistula
CSD cat scratch disease FFP fresh frozen plasma
IVPB intravenous piggyback Oand P ova and parasites (stool exam)
TCDB turn cough deep breath  

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