Amendments to CPR

helen_rutherford Helen Rutherford

The 69th Update to CPR has been announced.  Click here Some of the key changes are:

1.    New Statement of Truth on Precedent H
It is now compliant with PD 22 2.2A. Make sure you use the updated Precedent H from the 6th April 2014 to avoid being caught out!

Precedent H

2.    Establishment of a Single County Court
The geographical jurisdictional boundaries of the county courts are being remove under Sections 17(1) and 17(2) of the Crime and Courts Act 2013. References to “a County Court” in the CPR are being replaced with “the County Court”. The County Court will be a wholly civil jurisdiction and will not have family jurisdiction. Family proceedings will be in the new Family Court. The County Court will have a single seal to represent its national jurisdiction. Cases will be heard at County Court Hearing Centres (with current County Courts being rebranded as such). Furthermore, except where judicial input is required, cases will not be “transferred” between hearing centres but will be sent as an administrative procedure.

3.    Part 8 claims may be started at any County Court hearing centre unless a rule, practice direction or enactment provides otherwise.
However, when a claim is given a hearing date, the court may direct that proceedings should be transferred to another hearing centre.

4.    Minimum value of High Court cases changed to £100,000 (except PI cases where the minimum is £50,000)
PI claims worth <£50,000 and other claims worth <£100,000 should be issued in the County Court. From 22/4/14.
5.    Part 12 Default Judgment and Part 14 Admission
For those County Court claims where a request for judgment which includes an amount of money to be decided by the court is filed, the claim will be sent to the preferred County Court hearing centre. Intended implementation date 22 April 2014.
6.    Part 52 Appeals
An amendment is made to provide that any order refusing permission to appeal will indicate the court to which any further application should be made and the level of judge who should hear the application.
A further amendment is made introducing a permission filter in respect of appeals to the High Court in respect of determinations or directions of the Pension Ombudsman.
Both amendments come into force on 6 April 2014.

7.    Form amendments
N182 is introduced
Precedent H is amended.
Forms  N5, N5B N42, 46, 48, 52,  N88, N88(1), N89, N276, N277, N358, N359, N360, N362, N363, N364, N365, N434, N463, Nos 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66A, 67, 68, 69 and 71; PF 23, 34, 25, 26, 27 and 97 will be amended or replaced



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